OUR SCHOOL - Principal's View

Welcome to Northcliffe District High School.

Our school is situated in the South West of Western Australia, approximately 400 kilometres by road from Perth, and in a beautiful environment with magnificent karri, marri and jarrah forest and close to the D'Entrecasteaux National Park.

Northcliffe District High School is a small school, with a student population of just over 60 students from Kindergarten to Year 10.  Being a small school, we have a strong school community where all students and staff know each other well which reflects one of our Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) expectations; Belonging, which acknowledges the importance of positive relationships in the development of our students’ health and wellbeing, a supportive workplace and connected school community.

Our second PBS expectation is Excellence which has the aim for each student and staff member to strive to do their best in academic and non-academic areas of school. We also as a school community, collectively strive to achieve excellence across all areas of the school to provide a quality education and learning environment for our students.

Our third expectation is Respect which demonstrates our valuing and respect of difference, and our commit to an inclusive environment.  We all aim to model respect in our everyday interactions.  Respect also extends to our local and wider environment, and individual and school property.

The Northcliffe community are very supportive of their school and there is an active School Council and Parents and Citizens' Association. As a community, we work collaboratively with community groups on many initiatives and see partnerships as integral to achieving student outcomes and the sustainability of our school and community.

 We welcome enquiries and visitors to our school.