The Northcliffe School Community, through the School Council, believes the wearing of a school uniform by students contributes to a positive school image and establishes a sense of community identity. Students develop a sense of unity and pride in their school as well as providing equality and uniformity, which can be detracted from when free choice of dress is permitted.

It is acknowledged that students who wear dark bottoms and red, white or black tops are in fact complying with the intent of this policy.

Uniforms can be purchased through Manjimup Monograms, Phone: (08) 9771-2371


School uniform is not considered essential for children of this age. However, we encourage parents to purchase uniforms for children in these years.

All Other Students

Guidelines for acceptable dress are shown in the table below:




  •            Hats must be worn in the sun.


  •           Closed and flat shoes, suitable for all learning areas. 
  •           Sandals require ankle strap.  Secondary options such as Science,                 Home Ec, D&T always require the use of closed flat shoes.
  •           Thongs or strapless sandals are not permitted.


  •           A limited amount may be worn.  No facial jewellery is permitted.
  •           Students may be asked to remove items of jewellery for issues of                   safety. Sleepers are permitted.


  •           All long hair is to be kept tied back or in a bun. 

The following are not permitted:

  • Football Jumpers
  • Singlets or Strappy Tops
  • Short Skirts
  • Bare Midriffs
  • Denim in any garment